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TranDumper V2.1

Minimum requirements:

Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater and screen resolution of 800x600


TranDumper V2.1 is a freeware to help you read the braindumps that you find. This program converts braindumps (and other .txt's) into offline tests, grading them as well.

For examples of how to use TranDumper V2.1, you can see the sample directory. You can read braindumps will little or no modifications to the dumps. See sample_plain.txt for a plain dump file, or see sample_enhanced.txt that explains the use of enhanced features

You should only have to make minor formatting changes to your dumps to be sure that TranDumper will read them properly.  You'll simply save the dump web page as plain text and then check your dump file format as follows:

  1. Subject must begin with a number and a dot on a new line.   (Maximum number of questions: 400)  EXAMPLES: 1.   99.
  2. Between the question text and the answer options, must exist a new line.
  3. Select options must begin with English Alpha and a dot or a ")".   (Maximum number of answers: 15)  EXAMPLES: a.  a)  A.
  4. ANSWER MUST BE ON ONE LINE. The Answer format must be written as follows to be properly recognized.   EXAMPLES: Ans:a,c   Answer:b    Ans :bc   Answer :b ,c and d
  5. If the answer has any comments, let them begin with a new line after the answer line.
  6. All the Selection options and answer are case-insensitive. That is, both Ans: and ANS: are legal syntax.
  7. Use folders for braindumps on exams not already listed. Just check the .txt's in the other exam folders on how to name and format your braindump file. Do follow the steps listed above in formatting the braindump file.

Before you click the [Start Exams] button, something you should know:

  1. Be sure that you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater installed.  TranDumper CANNOT run on Internet Explorer 3.x OR 4.x.
  2. Because it must open local files, it's recomended that the security settings in your browser should be set to medium or below.
  3. It can ocour that Internt Explorer ask to confirm the trust of the ActiveX that is running. You should confirm by clicking "Yes" to proceed
  4. Don't use PWS or IIS to run this program!
  5. The install diretory shouldn't be any "virtual" PWS or IIS directory. For example use the default instalation directory!

Thanks and enjoy TranDumper!